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About Us


Hello! My name is Brian and I own Akhlut Automotive with my wife, Stacey. We are super passionate about vehicles and no matter what career path I tried to chose as a young adult, it always led me straight back to automotives.


I am originally from Yorkton, SK. My family has a long history of farming, so I wanted nothing more then to be more involved with helping them. This led me to leave Yorkton and move to our family farm with my Grandpa and Uncle in Pelly, SK at 15 years old. I rapidly became involved with harvest and cattle. However, it wasn't long before my Uncle and Grandpa found me under the vehicles and equipment, more then in them. When I wasn't on the farm, I was trying to spend as much time as I could with my Dad. He is involved with the Monster Truck and drag races, so I quickly become just as involved. From driving monster trucks, to repairing them, to building drag cars, to racing them, to rebuilding them. I always found my way back to the repair aspect of the vehicles. I started with an apprenticeship into the heavy duty repair field. However, after working at Peterbuilt, I found myself missing performance of automotives and diesel more then heavy duty.

I met my wife, Stacey, when I moved to Lampman, SK to pursue a career in the high demand, oilfield sector. After working for a small oilfield maintenance company for a few months, I found my employer asking me to stay at the shop to repair the crew trucks more then he asked me to go out on calls. This is when I decided that I wanted to formally pursue a career as an Automotive Service Technician. 

I found employment at Parkway Service and Repair, in Estevan and this is where I started my apprenticeship into an Automotive Technician. I spent 5 years at Parkway, learning all I could. I did transfer my apprenticeship over to a dealership, Power Dodge in Estevan. I completed my apprenticeship program and wrote my Red-Seal and Journeyperson exam and received my diploma in 2018. I furthered this by becoming a Chrysler Mastertech, however I found myself missing all makes and models of vehicles and decided to venture off onto my own.


This is when, Akhlut Automotive was born!

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