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Our Work

This is our hobby and soon to be project page. We love all things performance and we love all things diesel. So naturally, it will only be a matter of time, we do both for a project for Akhlut Automotive. Whether it be aftermarket accessories, added horsepower, or a complete engine rebuild, we have got you covered!


Keep checking back to see what the team at Akhlut Automotive is up too! 



Monster Trucks

Brian's favorite past time is all things Monster Truck related. You can find him helping out at the shows whenever and wherever he can. His Dad is usually not to far away! 


The Cuda

Brian's family is all about Drag Racing too! His Uncle and him worked tirelessly to get this car to where it needed to be. After his Uncle retired from racing, it was only fitting that Brian picked up where he left off! When you don't find Brian at the shop, he will be out at the track!

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Lifts and Lowering Kits

Want your vehicle lifted? How about lowered? We can do both! Stay tuned for a photo of the lowering we will be doing on a 2011 GMC Sierra. We can't wait to show you! 


Want Your Ride Featured Here? 

Give us something to do for your project whether it be aftermarket customizations or a complete rebuild and we will feature it here on our webpage!

Show off your personality and your artistic abilities with your vehicle and we will feature it here!

Stay tuned for more projects and updates from Akhlut Automotive! 

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